Aussie Posties Faced With Increased Dog Attacks

Written by: The Griffith Phoenix


Dog owners urged to keep their dogs secured to ensure the safety of posties.

Australia Post has taken measures to safeguard the safety of posties across the country following a spike in dog-related incidents.

With the busiest time of the year approaching, they have called on dog owners to take action to help protect their posties.

Preventative measures aimed at reducing the number of incidents implemented by Australia Post include:

  • In addition to on-the-job training, posties are provided with a digital hazard tracker allowing them to log the location of a hazardous dog. The next time they, or another postie, approach a pre-logged location they will receive a warning notification on their device. They can then decide to avoid the address or take extra care.
  • The reintroduction of a postmark featuring a message to “secure your dog for safe delivery”. The postmark will be stamped on envelopes processed through Australia Post’s letter facilities in a bid to remind residents of the importance of securing their dog.

The Christmas season brings with it an increased level of activity at the door, which can cause your dog to behave differently.

Here are a few tips for keeping your dog secure:

  • Always keep front gates securely locked;
  • Where possible, secure dogs in the back garden (rather than the front) and keep any side gates securely closed; and
  • If you are expecting a delivery, be careful when opening your front door to ensure your dog doesn’t run out from behind you. Keep them safely in another room when you answer the door will prevent this.

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