Choose To Adopt Not Shop This Christmas

Written by: The Griffith Phoenix


Griffith City Council urges residents to consider saving a life by adopting and not shopping this Christmas when it comes to adding a pet to the family.

Griffith City Council (GCC) is committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and strengthening animal welfare standards, that’s why they have joined the NSW Government to locals thinking of adding a family member to their home this Christmas to adopt rather than shopping.

Planning and Environment Manager for GCC, Carel Potgier said the Griffith Pound and Rehoming Centre typically see a spike in animal surrenders in the weeks immediately after Christmas largely because new owners are overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come with a new pet.

“We know at Christmas time people often welcome a new pet into their families or give a cat or dog as a gift to a loved one,” Mr Potgier said.

“Therefore, we are asking prospective local pet owners to visit Griffith Pound and Rehoming Centre.

“We have plenty of cats and dogs seeking a second chance to find their forever families.”

The NSW Government has continued to provide a $0 pet registration fee as an incentive for people to adopt rescue companion animals.

“Adopting not shopping for a pet has the added benefit of reducing the burden on our Griffith Pound and Rehoming Centre and affiliated rescue groups,” Mr Potgieter said.

“Along with the ‘adopt not shop’ message, pet owners are reminded of the three easy steps of responsible pet ownership - microchipping, desexing and registering their pet.

“Giving an animal a second chance at a forever home is one of the most wonderful and rewarding things someone can do, but please make sure you research before adding a new pet to your family.”

Contact the Animal Rehoming Officer on 1300 176 077 during business hours for appointments and enquiries.

Animals available for adoption are kept up to date on the Pound and Rehoming Centre’s Facebook page.

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