New Children’s Contact Service For Griffith

Written by: The Griffith Phoenix


New children’s contact centre offers Griffith families a safe space to ease pressures of co-parenting visits.

When families break down or separate, the logistics around family contact can be traumatic.

Interrelate’s new children’s contact centre offers a safe, neutral and flexible service for parents, children, and their families.

The service provides a space for parents and family members in co-parenting situations to engage in change-over arrangements and supervised contacts in a relaxed family environment.

Interrelate’s children’s contact service (CCS) has been operating since 2000.

The service’s expansion into Griffith will provide a vital space in the community where families can strengthen their relationships and develop skills that will support healthy and respectful relationships in the long term.

Coordinator of the children’s contact service, Brianna Bourke said they were happy to be here.

“We are happy to be opening our doors and commencing intakes to provide a much needed service to the Griffith community,” Ms Bourke said.

“With the next available service located a two-hour drive away in Wagga Wagga, local members, legal bodies, and support services have been advocating for the last three years for a children’s contact service to open in the area.”

Backed by 96 years in family and relationship support service delivery, Project Manager, Helen Cook said Interrelate was pleased to extend more support to more communities in need and bring more job opportunities that have a positive social impact.

“Clients are supported with resources, strategies, and assistance to help them achieve their goals,” Ms Cook said.

“In addition, we provide referrals for client’s individual family needs.”

To learn more, call 1300 473 528 to make an appointment.

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