Preventing Grass Fires

Written by: The Griffith Phoenix

Grass fire

With the strong winds we’ve been experiencing of late, the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) is predicting that grass fires represent the main fire danger this season. Grass fires can threaten quickly, and even the most seasoned farmer can be caught out by speed of a grass fire. In order to reduce the likelihood of a grass fire, the RFS recommend that farmers and graziers:

  • Keep grass short by slashing, mowing, and grazing
  • Maintain machinery to reduce the likelihood of fire created by machinery. Ensure that machinery is:

- Free from any faults or mechanical defects that could start a fire
- Fitted with an approved spark arrestor
- Carrying fire suppression equipment such as a working 9L water fire extinguisher or 0.9kg dry powder fire extinguisher, or a 16L knapsack spray pump filled with water

  • Know where you can move your animals to safety
  • Check and maintain firefighting equipment like pumps and hoses
  • Make sure a fire truck can access your property – think about gates, bridges or obstructions.
  • If you’re using fire on your property, get to know the team at the Yass Valley Control Centre and find out if you need a permit. The Yass Valley Control Centre is at:

Street Address: 1410 Laidlaw St, Yass 2582 Postal Address: PO Box 597, Yass 2582 Phone Number: 6226 3100 Fax Number: 6226 3716

AWAYS remember that:
Tractors, slashers and harvesters should not be used unless conditions are mild and are accompanied by an independent means of extinguishing a fire (as listed above).
Grinders, welders and chainsaws shouldn’t be used unless conditions are mild, the immediate area is dampened down and clear of any materials that may cause an ignition.

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