Safer Sturt And Murray Valley Highways On The Way

Written by: The Griffith Phoenix

Sturt Highway Murray Valley Highway

Sturt and Murray Valley Highways will be safer once the $37 million improvements currently being delivered are finalised.

A $37 million pipeline of work to improve safety on the Sturt and Olympic Highways is now being delivered to reduce the road toll in regional NSW.

Work to be undertaken includes upgrading speed signs, painting the road surface on the approach to urban areas between Forest Hill and Gol Gol, and making the speed zone clearer for road users.

Independent Member for Murray, Helen Dalton said regional road safety must be the priority given people from regional areas were most at risk from dangerous roads.

“No one values road safety more than regional drivers and it’s great to see we are finally being considered when it comes to road funding,” Ms Dalton said.

Six kilometres of shoulder widening will also be carried out east of the Murray Valley Way intersection at Euston and further curve widenings are planned on the Hay Plains.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, Jenny Aitchison said the work was important.

“We know despite around one-third of the population living in regional NSW this group makes up ground two-thirds of deaths on our roads,” Ms Aitchison said.

“That’s an over-representation; that’s unacceptable.”

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