Thank You, Primary Health Care Nurses

Written by: The Griffith Phoenix

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Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network welcomes Federal Budget announcements for the primary health care system.

Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network (MPHN) marked the inaugural Primary Health Care Nurses' Day on Wednesday, February 7.

This year, the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) launched the inaugural Primary Health Care Nurses Day - a day dedicated to recognising and celebrating the invaluable contribution nurses perform in primary health care settings such as aged care, community, general practice, custodial and schools.

Acting MPHN CEO, Narelle Mills said primary health care nurses were a vital part of the Murrumbidgee region’s health care system.

“Consider the number of times you or someone you love has been assisted by a nurse in a primary health care setting,” Ms Mills said.

“Primary health care nurses are often the first person we see when we need help, and they play a pivotal role in prevention, early intervention and ongoing care.”

Primary health care serves as the first point of contact for people with the health care system and the early intervention provided by primary health care nurses can often help prevent hospitalisation.

APNA encouraged people to show their gratitude by wearing primary colours - red, blue and yellow on Primary Health Care Nurses Day.

This symbolic gesture aimed to acknowledge and show appreciation for the crucial contributions nurses make to the proactive well-being of all Australians.

“We rely so heavily on our primary health care nurses as a community,” Ms Mills said.

“On behalf of MPHN and the firsthealth board of directors, I’d like to thank each and every primary health care nurse in the region for your commitment and dedication to caring for your patients and our community.

“We hope you feel appreciated on this special day, and every day, for your tireless work in keeping people across the Murrumbidgee well and resilient.

Visit for more information about Primary Health Care Nurses Day.

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