Violinist Brings Classical Elegance To Regional Art Gallery

Written by: The Griffith Phoenix

Jonathon G

Classical violinist Jonathon Glonek brings elegance to the Griffith Regional Art Gallery tonight - Friday 3rd November.

Experience a night of classical elegance as violinist Jonathon Glonek performs at the Griffith Regional Art Gallery tonight - Friday 3rd November.

It promises to be a treat for music lovers of all ages.

Glonek will perform a virtuosic program for violin including famous works by Bach, Paganini, and Ysaye.

Adding a touch of modernity, the program will also include a unique work, written specifically for him by the late Ukrainian composer Mikhail Shukh.

“I am always thrilled by the reception the work receives there and I am particularly excited this time to bring something truly unique - especially at this critical time for Ukraine,” Glonek said.

Glonek travelled to Kiev in 2002 as a guest of the Kiev Festival Symphony where he performed as a soloist in the Brahms Violin Concerto.

Shukh had recently completed a work for chamber symphony that was also featured on the same program and had made a strong impression.

At the end of the tour, the two men had become friends and remained in contact until Shukh passed away in 2019.

The program is part of Glonek’s ongoing project to bring Australia’s finest musicians, playing the world’s most important classical music, to audiences outside the cities.

“Classical music is a great gift to everyone, but there are not that many opportunities to hear in the the Bush,” Glonek said.

“I am trying to change that by bringing work that is not often played even in the cities to rural and regional audiences.”

The setting of the Griffith Regional Art Gallery provides a comfortable and acoustically pleasing environment for this musical journey and patrons can also enjoy light refreshments while being surrounded by the vibrant artworks of Di Tarr, which adds a unique visual dimension to the event.

From seasoned classical connoisseurs to newcomers eager to explore the world of classical melodies, the evening is designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of music enthusiasts.

The event starts at 7 pm. Tickets at the door cost $40, with children under 18 free.

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